Sunday, September 13, 2009

EMAIL: "Experimental *******: News and more!!!"

This email was sent to students earlier this afternoon... If you want the noted attachments, please email

Hello folks,

We hope this message finds you well! Please read these notes in full. Included is information about permit numbers, our collective name, our next section, the Speak Out! documentary, a formal proposal and three important events on campus.

  • Schedule numbers and Permit numbers
For those 10 students who have turned in their petitions for the Department of Political Science right after class last Wednesday and Thursday, you should have received your schedule number and personal permit number in your in box. For the Environmental Studies (9 so far) and Ethnic Studies students (1 so far) who have turned in your petitions, CORE is meeting with Carlos Davidson and Larry Salomon on Monday to obtain the appropriate schedule and permit numbers. Sociology students, please drop by Department Chair Ed McCaughan's office hours (M 10-1, T 1-2, and Th 10-1) for more information.

And for those students who have yet to submit their petitions to CORE organizers, please email us answers to the following questions by Monday night:
  1. Which Department/College/Program you needed units from?
  2. How many units you're requesting?
  3. Which section will best work with your schedule?
Also, attached is a document with ideas for your "Petition for Course by Individual Study." Melanie Bien is also willing to send you her template for the petition. You can reach her at

  • Copyright Laws
During a long discussion with Dean Joel Kassiola of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, a couple CORE organizers have curiously been requested to change the name of our collective project. According to the university's lawyer, the association of "Experimental College" with "SFSU" goes against copyright laws. Dean Kassioloa indicated that since SF State has eight colleges and one-quasi college (College of Extended Learning), as the "Experimental College," we aren't officially recognized as such and can't use the term... SF State apparently has a brand to uphold!

So now, let's think of something that we can agree on to identify ourselves from now on. Some suggestions include:
  1. Our Experiment
  2. Experimental Studies
  3. Experimental School
  4. Campus Organizing Roundtable on Empowerment
We can talk more about this at your respective section.

  • Three sections, instead of four
The two Thursday sections have been combined into one from noon to 2 pm. Also, minutes from the two Wednesday sections have been included. Thank you Melanie, Bert and Aaron for your work!
  1. Wednesday: 10 am - noon - meet in HSS 155 (if we don't fit... we'll figure something out)
  2. Wednesday: noon - 2 pm - meet in HSS 155
  3. Thursday: noon - 2 pm - meet in HSS 155

  • Speak Out! In Defense of Public Education
Philip Klasky, an American Indian Studies lecturer, has been working with the rest of the students of the Speak Out! for public education group. They would like some help to get this important documentary further in the public eye. If you are willing/able to hold film screenings in your house/dorm room/class please email, and we can arrange to get you a copy of the DVD. Right now we have 15, but can get more if necessary. If you want to view a shorter version online, check out this site:

  • Colloquium TOMORROW, Monday, September 14th at 2 pm in SCI 270

“War by Any Other Name: Colonial Occupation and Contemporary Counterinsurgency"

The College of Behavioral and Social Services, The Latin American Studies Minor, and the Political Science Department at San Francisco State University


Dr. Nasser Hussain
Associate Professor
Department of Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought Amherst College Author of The Jurisprudence of Emergency: Colonialism and the Rule of Law (University of Michigan Press, 2003), and co-authored Forgiveness, Mercy, and Clemency (Stanford University Press, 2006)

Information: Abdiel Onate
James Martel

  • Thursday, September 24th: Speak Out! on campus noon - 2 pm
A formal proposal (attached) has been raised to endorse and energetically build a Speak Out on the 24th of this month in solidarity with those UC unions going on a one day strike. Please circulate this proposal to those organizations you are a part of or are in contact with. Also, we can/should discuss endorsing the action as respective sections of the Experimental ******. If organizations want to endorse the Speak Out, feel free to email

  • Saturday, September 26th: Northern California Worker/Student Symposium
If you or anyone you know wants to help facilitate, participate, and build this event aiming to bring together faculty, staff, and students from the UCs, CSUs, and JCs of Northern California, please email and Nadia Conrad, the Chair of the College of BSS Students of Color, at Thank you and take care!

-Campus Organizing Roundtable on Empowerment

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