Sunday, September 13, 2009

EMAIL: For those not in the know..... an email from last week "Experimental College: Next Steps!!!"

This information was sent to those who've expressed interest in the Experimental College:

Hello folks,

We hope this message finds you well! First, we'd like to thank you for expressing interest in this class. Right now, we are 72 people strong who have come together with a range of interests -- everything from legislative reform to revolution, from environmental sustainability to psychology, from music to publication layout, from activism to agriculture.

Our diversity is our strength! An interdisciplinary approach that integrates different academic branches of knowledge with applied organizing and revolutionary social justice work has the potential to meet real needs and challenge the status quo of budget cuts and repression we've experienced on campus.


After reviewing folks' availability these time frames will accommodate the most people

  • Wednesday 10 am - 12 pm = 31 folks
  • Wednesday 12 pm - 2 pm = 15 folks
  • Thursday 11 am - 1 pm = 6 folks
  • Thursday 12 pm - 2 pm = 9 folks
Folks are expected to make one of these time frames, especially, if you intend to petition for course by independent study. However, there are about 24 of you who either didn't state your availability or noted a very narrow time frame that other folks cannot accommodate. Please email your availability (i.e., days and time frames) and whether or not you're taking the class for credit to ensure we meet each other's needs. Folks from CORE have already called some of you. Thank you for your timely responses!

As for our next Wednesday class, we will be meeting in the Poetry Center located on the 5th Floor of the Humanities Building at 10 am and 12 pm. As for the Thursday sections of our class, we will meet in Rigoberta Menchu Hall of the Cesar Chavez Student Center at 11 am and 12 pm. Below is the proposed agenda for our class time.

Course Expectations

For those who intend to take the class for credit, here are the Course Expectations:

  1. Regularly attend one of the weekly 2 hour class sections
  2. Agree to review proposed readings and come prepared to class ready to participate
  3. Participate in a work group/campaign:
  4. Agree with Proposed Principles of Respectful Engagement:
  5. Agree to a class evaluation process TBD by respective collective work group/campaign (if you are taking class for a letter grade)
... thank yous

Last but not least, CORE would like to thank several people for their generosity and knowledge. James Martel, Chair of the Department of Political Science, has been instrumental in this process of legitimizing the Experimental College. His desire to make the class as autonomous as possible has eased any worries members of CORE had about the process. Laureen Chew, the Associate Dean of Ethnic Studies, has also shared her experiences from the 68 strike and sponsored our efforts. Recently, Carlos Davidson, Director of the Environmental Studies Program, and Edward McCaughan, Chair of the Sociology Department, have signed on to sponsor CORE's efforts to make the Experimental College accessible to more students. We would also like to thank radical educators on and off campus including Sheila Tully, Philip Klasky, Larry Salomon, Kathy Emery, and Experimental College and SF State strike veterans Connel Persico, Roger Alvarado, Ian Grand and Jim Willems. Thank you all for believing in and supporting student initiative!

Solidarity in Struggle,

Campus Organizing Roundtable on Empowerment (CORE)

Please check the blog for up to date information:

Proposed agenda for our class time this week (September 9th & 10th)
[not necessarily in this order since there is an overlapping hour for Thursday sections]

Short Introductions (20 min)
How are you and will you take the class for credit? If so, through which department?

Process of Adding the Course: Filling out paperwork Q & A (30 min)

CORE will turn in completed "Petition for Course by Independent Study" forms to the appropriate departments later that day. We will obtain the add numbers and email them to you.

Discussion of Speak Out! Documentary (20 min)
Before class, please view the online version:

Work Groups/Campaigns discussion (30 min)

Raise proposals for next week's agenda (10 min)

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