Friday, February 11, 2011

Another class and a reminder

The deadline to "add class by exception" including independent study and therefor Experimental College classes is Friday the 18th.  Your 699 forms should be in the hands of your department chair person as soon as possible.  Here is another project of significant potential:
Workers Inquiry Seminar
A student-led militant research seminar looking into the conditions of life, labor, and exploitation of the SFSU student. Available for units. Dates and times to be determined by participants.
We understand our work as public university students to be crucial in sustaining capitalism. The labor of students—whether in classes at the university or at the jobs we work to pay for school—is being exploited at an ever-increasing rate. With our minimum-wage jobs and student loan debts, we try to pay the soaringtuition fees that buy entrance to a disappearing job market.
The social and economic environments that contain the university have changed significantly since the ‘70s. It follows that the university’s role in today’s socio-economic landscape is no longer the same. What then, are the conditions of our labor as university students today? What is our version of class struggle

If you would like to be a part of the seminar or be confidentially surveyed about your life as a student worker, please contact

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