Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Courses added for Spring 2011

Below are some more courses for this semester. See the previous blog for other courses also available. 

Conscious Communication

Classes will be held at:
1543 Mission st., on the third floor, from 8pm-9:30pm THIS TUESDAY. 2/8/2011 (also known as Urban Flow)

 In this course we will learn to effectively communicate through conscious speech and listening techniques. Using the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph. D.,  we will fallow his Non-violent Communication book as a guide to understanding what it means and how to first, observe our situation, identify our feelings and needs, make requests of others, and actively listen for the feelings and needs of others so that we can create healthy relationships.
The class time will be split into seminar and group/partner exercise equally. Seminar topics will include: Introduction to conscious communication, compassionate communication skills, observation vs. interpretation, identifying and expressing our feelings and needs, connecting with ourselves, how to make conscious requests, empathetic listening techniques, steps to expressing anger, what to do when communication is not an option, expressing and accepting appreciation. Please feel free to request other topics for discussion in this course. 

Contact Jacquelyne S. Price for more info @

Land and Liberty Study Group – Tierra y libertad Study Group
Objective of Study Group:
Land and Liberty is the slogan that was derived of the struggle to emancipate the workers and campesinos during the Mexican revolution as part of an effort to create a social revolution from the masses below that would distinguish itself from the political revolution of aspiring politicians and bureaucrats (who only sought to change leadership). 
Given the origins of the different struggles for liberation, this study group is an effort to draw on a rich history of autonomous and horizontal resistance movements that can we can learn from today. This includes the liberation of all oppressed peoples and the various different ways in which we are oppressed: race, sex, class, and sexuality. A vital part of this struggle is to develop our analysis on the social conditions that face working people today and how to most effectively make change that doesn’t repeat the same oppressive relationships of the rich and powerful. Instead, we wish to see a world that abolishes these oppressive relationships and where wealth is redistributed according to need. 
We also wish to study such topics as intersectionality, which combines an analysis of the different ways that oppression intersects and helps us formulate an approach that encompasses consciousness around how these forms of oppression relate. We also wish to study historical examples of people coming together within their environments to build power that did not rely on state institutions or delegate their authority to higher powers because they realized the only people capable of making change are the affected peoples themselves. The only way to make change is to have an organized movement of resistance and the readings we have selected and hope to include are part of this conscious effort to explore material that will help this process and are relevant to today.  We would also like to include film screenings as part of this process and discussions that take place within the context of actual struggles being waged today. The best way to learn is to engage in praxis, and theory separated from struggle is not valuable towards understanding the complex problems we face today.

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