Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CAMPAIGN: Fight the Student Recreation and Wellness Center!

This is an urgent update!!!!

The location of the Student Fee Advisory Committee has been changed (as was expected) to Student Services building room 401. The date and time are still the same and scheduled for Wednesday @ 12 PM. WE, the Coalition against the Rec. Center, will meet outside a few minutes before. Please update all your contacts...

Also please contact the NoRecCenter e-mail for information regarding a planning meeting Tuesday afternoon and be sure to read the attachments included for further information which includes: template for e-mailing campus officials (an immediate way to take action and the list of e-mails is at the website and included in the pamphlet), a pamphlet on "Why We Must Oppose the Recreation and Wellness Center," a flyer for the event this Wednesday, and a brief introduction and background information on how this plan came about.

-Coalition Against the Rec. Center

Fight the Student Recreation and Wellness Center!
Join us this Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at noon inside the Student Services Building room 401 (aka One Stop Building, where you pay the bursar and financial aid office is located) as we plan to demonstrate inside the Student Fee Advisory Committee meeting during Public Comment for a strict petition process after arguing that a referendum and voting process is a better option for allowing students to decide whether they want the Recreation and Wellness Center to be built on this campus. Bring signs and any other noise-makers in case they ignore us. This is our last opportunity to prevent this building from being built!
The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC), a group composed of ASI elected officials, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and a few other campus administrators and staff is determining this Wednesday, September 16, 2009, how to implement an “alternative consulting method” for demonstrating support for the passage of the Recreation and Wellness Center.
Their last meeting held Wednesday, August 26th was not advertised publicly and members of the SFAC voted to approve unanimously that they would deny students the right to vote via a referendum process whether they wanted the Rec. Center, thus undermining dissenting opinion, and fundamentally doing away with any democratic process allowing student input in being faced with yet another series of new fee increases. They opted instead to use a petition process and are looking at the possibility of only having a minimum number of 1,000 student signatures to show support for the Recreation center.
This next meeting will determine the parameters for the petition and the objectivity of such a petition. Students and concerned members of the campus must show up and demonstrate against the undemocratic petition which will not allow for dissenting opinions to be expressed, is biased, and favors campus administration trying to expand their power and influence in this development plan.
We, the Coalition against the Rec. Center, oppose the creation of this building because students will be forced to front the bill, if passed, for the construction of a $93 million dollar project. During increased attacks against students, faculty and campus workers which include: budget cuts, furlough days, lost sections, less teachers, and increased tuition where are the priorities of student government in forcing students to tax themselves to build a building that will provide facilities and resources widely available on campus already?! This is an attack on all students and particularly lower-income and students of color that will be adversely affected as San Francisco State becomes a destination campus catering to students from privileged and wealthy backgrounds rather than an inclusive working class institution that trains the next generation of the backbone of California and the commuter-student population of the Bay Area. No to the Gentrification of San Francisco State University! NO Rec. Center, NO new fees!

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