Monday, September 21, 2009


**** Please Distribute and Build Widely ****

Tax the Rich

Tax the Corporations
No More Cuts to Public Education

Speak Out in solidarity with a one-day strike of students, staff and faculty at the University of California.

Thursday September 24, 2009

As the ASI Performing Arts' sponsored band performs on Malcolm X, we will be having our Speak Out on the grass!

  • Fliering Plan
While everyone is free to make their own demands, produce their own publicity, say
what ever they want, some organizers have planned some fliering runs.

Here are the days, times and point people (and their contact info) for these outreach runs:

Monday (12pm - 2pm) ==> Tayler -
Tuesday (7am - 9am) ==> Alex -
Wednesday (7am - 9am) ==> Tayler -
Thursday (7am - 9am) ==> jerald -

Please contact these folks if you plan to do these publicity runs to energetically and systematically promote a call for solidarity rally.

  • Class room announcements
Please email and/or if you need fliers. Organizers can then drop off a larger stack of fliers at the front desk of the Cesar Chavez Student Center.

September 24th Solidarity Committee endorsements as of September 21, 2009:
  • College of BSS Students of Color
  • Socialist Organizer
  • International Socialist Organization
  • Student Unity and Power
  • Freedom School @ SFSU

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