Friday, September 25, 2009

NAME CHANGE: Suggestions

  • Experimental Studies (ES) – 10 votes
  • Experimental School (ES) – 5 votes
  • Essential Studies (ES) – 12 votes
  • Legacy of Experimental College
  • Basement Liberation Studies – 1 vote
  • Revolution Education Accountability Liberation (REAL) Studies – 1 vote 
  • Experimental ******* - 4 votes
  • From Roger:
    "Accelerated Learning School of Higher Education", or "Center for Educational Innovation" in case you can't use school in a title. Besides the Center was the name give to the org. put together by the students in 67.

  • From Connell: 
You will probably never know who contacted the university attorney and why, but feel good that you clearly have their attention. I would argue CORE's creation of the EC has no significant impact on SFSU's branding. Nor does SFSU have any unique claim on the use of the term "college" and is unrelated to their branding strategy. You are a student organization and the EC is occuring through a set of independent study classes. If the class is called Experimental College: An Exploration (or something similarly innocent), is the attorney saying you can't call a class by that name? If CORE is sponsoring aprogram called Experimental College: A Revival is s/he saying you can't do that.
I think it would be highly educative if the Dean (or the university attorney) would answer your questions and give a more detailed rationale.
As for an alternative, my first impulse id to say keep it the way it is (until you have a reasonable reason to change) but that would be highly confrontational. My next suggestion is to call it the EC, and whenever anyone asks what the acronym stands for tell them the truth - it stands for Experimental College but the university is prohibiting us from saying college out loud because it suggests we are the equivalent of one of its current colleges, so we are simply the EC. Or to be really problematic call it the Experimental C - with the same answer attached.
  • Please comment so folks can read your suggestion/s

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