Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CAMPAIGN: Support the Ethnic Studies Student Resource and Empowerment Center

Due to budget cuts, the Student Center located at EP 110B has been closed for Fall 2009 eliminating support for hundreds of students on our campus.  The Student Center offers credit for students who work as interns, and provides information and referral to students in need of financial aid, jobs, scholarships, housing, psychological and health services, academic counseling, legal aid, crisis intervention and more.

Write to SFSU President Corrigan and tell him what the Student Center means to you.  The president will use your letter to advocate to restore funding for the Center.

President Robert Corrigan
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue, ADM 562
San Francisco, California 94132

If you plan on emailing President Corrigan: president@sfsu.edu, please CC: core.sfsu@gmail.com.  We would appreciate a copy of your letter.  Thank you!

Also, there have been discussions within the Experimental ******* regarding the need to diversify our tactics to win back funding to the College of Ethnic Studies and ensure greater accessibility to higher education.  Now is the time to learn from the diverse lessons of history and build a movement that makes education relevant to our struggle for economic justice.  If you want to join an informative campaign that learns these lessons, as well as, build solidarity amongst concerned students, faculty, staff, and administrators, please email core.sfsu@gmail.com.

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