Monday, September 21, 2009

PROTEST: ASI Meeting September 16, 2009

Please view this video of concerned students shut out of the latest SF State Associated Students, Inc. meeting. After President Natalie Franklin arbitrarily determined that public comment be limited to "two minutes per topic," the board voted for a closed meeting during public comment. You can read the [X]Press article titled "ASI Protesters stall meeting" for more information.

According to Lisanne White of the [X]Press, "Nearly 30 minutes after the meeting started, university police officers came and were able to clear the room so the closed session could begin... 'Closed session was not a tool to silence the students,' said Franklin after the meeting was over. 'We were out of public comment and closed session was the next thing on the agenda.'"

One may ask: how democratic is the ASI?

Did ya'll notice how President Natalie Franklin was all smiles after the "Department of Public Safety" (read cops) came in to escort the un-elected students out?

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